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Enable Navigation Within Structured Workouts



  • JK

    I'm afraid I disagree. In my opinion we do not need navigation on the training route. In addition, navigation may be required in an emergency situation like in a snowy and foggy mountain weather, where the mind does not work properly due to fatigue and lack of oxygen. Navigation needs to be as simple as possible.

  • Dani

    I also miss this function.
    I regularly go on long trail runs in areas that are unknown to me.
    And I would really appreciate it if I could do my structured, great Coros training program in combination with the navigation!
    I would very much appreciate the realization of this possibility!
    With this function, Coros could consolidate its position as the top outdoor watch.


  • Shlomy Reinstein

    JK - I don't understand how anyone can disagree :-) It's a feature. You don't want it, don't use it... why would you disagree for others to have it?


  • Wesley Banfield

    Also some of the loner workouts 16 / 20 mile easy run is kind of hard to get the correct distance without some sort of planning ahead of time …

  • Sebastiaan ter Burg

    +1 for this suggestion

  • Joe Runner

    I also would like to have this feature !

  • JK

    Hi Shlomy. I think there has been a misunderstanding here. I'm not against adding Navigation to Workout/Activity. What I disagree with is the added Workout/Activity to Navigation which makes the use of Navigation difficult.


  • JK

    A solution could be:
    Adding the ability to run in the background to Workout/Activity. After that, you can access other features of the watch, including Navigation or Map or Weather widget.

    And it is also possible to define a shortcut button to send to/restore from the background.


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