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GPS mode right before run



  • Stephanie
    Community moderator
    Community manager

    Hey Eduardo, 
    Changing the GPS mode on the watch is still available.
    To access GPS Mode settings, hold the back button on your watch, select System → More Settings → Satellite Systems → Mode.
    Let me know if you have any issues with this and I'd be happy to assist you further!

  • Roberto

    Hi Stephanie,

    I share the same sentiment from Eduardo, in fact I've just sent a feedback via the Coros app right after the firmware update (v3.0408.0).

    Before this update it was possible to change the GPS mode when selecting the running activity e.g. Select Running > GPS Mode, but now we have to go all the way down to the settings to change the GPS mode, which will change for the whole watch not just for an specific activity.

  • Eduardo Jr. Uy

    Hi Roberto, thank you for further explaining.

    Hi Stephanie, hope we can have that feature back. Select Run or any GPS supported activity and then have the option to change GPS mode. Thanks!

  • Stephanie
    Community moderator
    Community manager

    Eduardo Jr. Uy Roberto
    Thank you for sharing your specific feedback here. I agree, this switch does include more steps and is less convenient. I will share this feedback with our development team regarding the new change in the app and suggest the consider adjusting it back. While I cannot promise it will happen, I will make sure that your feedback is heard and considered. 

  • Till

    I was also wondering where this feature went! It would be great to set the GPS mode per activity, and have a default one.


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