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Training load from treadmill



  • Stephanie
    Community moderator
    Community manager

    Hey Andrewmnick

    Training Load is calculated based off of two major data points- intensity (Heart rate) and duration (time).
    When you look at the heart rate data for your indoor runs, does it seem accurate? How does the heart rate for each of your runs (indoor vs outdoor) differ?
    Without seeing your data, its hard to say what went wrong here, but I'd suggest looking into your heart rate and time data to make sure those are accurate, as that is typically the root of the problem when TL is off.

    You can always email our Support Team this question, and if you do so through the app (Profile > Customer Support), they will be granted access to your personal training data so they can see why your TL may be inaccurate for these activities.

    I have linked some articles here that may be helpful to you in troubleshooting your question:

  • Andrewmnick

    Thanks for the follow up, Stephanie. Heart rate and duration look right. Comparing similar runs:

    Indoor Run: 46:15 duration; 123 bpm; training load 41

    Outdoor Run: 53:34 duration; 125 bpm; training load 262 (or 6x TL for 5 extra minute)

    As another example:

    Indoor Long Run: 2:30:10; 129 bpm; TL 163

    The issue is that running indoors and outdoors then throws off all of the other metrics. My outdoor runs get marked as requiring 3 days of recovery because my indoor runs basically don't count as building fitness, weekly TL is much lower on weeks I run indoors for 2 or 3 runs, etc.

  • Stephanie
    Community moderator
    Community manager


    Thanks for providing that context. You are right, from what you shared, that does not add up correctly.
    Without looking at your .FIT files, it's hard to say why, but I'd highly suggest sending the .FIT files of the affected work out to our Support Team so they can see what may be wrong. If this has been happening for multiple weeks, I'd send them 3 or 4 different comparisons so they are able to draw from these examples. 

    You can email as well as submit your data in the app (Profile > customer support) to grant them access to your data. 
    Let me know if you have any further questions!


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