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Training Run should exclude warm up/cool down for AVG Pace



  • matt

    This also affects avg stride length, cadence, heart rate, so I have to click into lap details and change it to a mile to find those metrics during the run, and I don't get an avg for the whole run that's meaningful as it includes the warm up and cool down

  • Stephanie
    Community moderator
    Community manager

    Hey matt
    Thank you for your Feedback. Based off of what you wrote above, it is possible to see your Average pace, HR, and other metrics for select sections of your activity in COROS Training Hub. 
    The screenshot below is an example of a workout where I had a warm up, intervals, and a warm down. You can use the smaller graph below to highlight a section of data, and extract metrics for just that section. In this example, I highlighted the intervals I did, and left out the warm up and warm down, and my average pace dropped by over a minute. I'd suggest trying the same for your workouts, and you'll be able to gather the data points you listed above for that section.

    Let me know if you have any further questions on this feature, or if I miss understood your question here. I hope this information helps!

  • matt

    Thanks Stephanie. I wasn't aware of that option and will check it out. That is helpful.

    I do think design wise in the app it could be a better experience to not avg during warm/cool and running, as the resulting avg displayed in the phone app lacks meaning. I don't want an avg cadence for my warmup/cooldown combined with running. This impact compounds into monthly stats also - my monthly avg heart rate looks lower this month because my run stats include 10min of warm/cool for every run now that I started a training plan which includes those in a run. This design choice detracts from the meaningfulness of the primary/default stats displayed on the watch and app.

  • matt

    I think probably to get what I really want I need to remove the warmup/cooldowns from the training plans, and do those before/after I start the activity on the watch. It's nice having the guidance on the watch also tho so I don't forget and skip it. I just don't like how it mangles my run stats with running+not running activity time.


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