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Coros needs to enhance its Sleep tracking



  • Stephanie
    Community moderator
    Community manager

    Hey WilbertG
    Thank you for your feedback on Sleep Tracking. 
    The watch will start checking if you are asleep two hours before the sleep start time, so in the future, if you know you are going to get to bed super early one night, I'd suggest changing your sleep settings!

    That being said, we do hope to expand our sleep tracking, which will include naps. I do know that this feature has gone through a beta testing process, and then based on the feedback, was sent back to development. Although I don't have a timeline to share publicly, our team is hoping to release a more robust sleep tracking feature in the near future. 

  • WilbertG

    Yep that's the thing you have to keep on setting your target sleep time and it does not detect if you are sleeping automatically.

    I'm looking forward to future sleep and nap tracking enhancements of Coros.


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